Global Food Safety Initiative Offers Free Online Application

Sara Gulo | July 29, 2015

DQS Inc is always looking for ways to help our clients better their businesses through various assessments and certifications. As a company, we were happy to bring the attention of the a free public online application for the Global Markets Program that was launched by the Global Food Safety Initiative in order to help support the competitiveness of the small and medium sized agri-businesses. This online tool will help these businesses to better their access to global markets while simultaneously contributing to food safety.

On this free application, food manufacturers can learn about and adhere to the best food safety practices. They can see how their current arrangements compare against the requirements of the Global Markets Program. They can then create diagnostic profiles online and be able to share these with various business partners and auditing organizations. It will also help private companies to collaborate on food safety with the UN, civil society and other stakeholders.

There is a link to the GFSI website that provides free access to documents, such as the Checklist, the Protocol and the Training and Competency Framework. There are 10 different GFSI recognized schemes that provide an unaccredited entry point toward food safety. This step-by-step program is made to help build capacity within the production and manufacturing operations and create a course of continuous improvement.

We recommend you take a look at this website and see how you can leverage it to help your company. As always, the team here at DQS Inc. is here to support your company’s food safety initiative when you are ready for certification. Please reach out to [email protected] to discuss your options or receive bids on the program you choose to pursue.