DQS Inc. Company Name Change FAQ

Sara Gulo | August 3, 2015

DQS Inc. Company Name Change FAQ

August 3, 2015


Q: What is the impact of the name change with respect to using the UL Registered Firm Mark?

A: There is no change to the use of the UL Registered Firm Mark. Our clients can continue to use the mark.


Q: Has anything else changed with the company other than the new name and the new logo?

A: No. Only the name and the  logo have changed to unify our brand. Our major shareholders remain the same: UL, DGQ and DIN.

In addition, there are no changes to our office addresses, locations, staff,  or customer and vendor contracts.


Q: Will the old email addresses still work?

A: Yes. Any emails that are sent to our email addresses that end in @us.dqs-ul.com will be recieved. Our new email address ending with @dqsus.com should be used going forward.


Q: What happens if we go to the old website?

A: The old url (www.ul-dqsusa.com) will redirect you to the new website (www.dqsus.com).


Q: Are we able to recieve a new W9 from DQS Inc.?

A: Yes. Please click this link to access the new W9:



Alternatively, you can contact your Customer Service Professional (CSP) for a copy of the new W9.

If you have any other questions, please contact us at  cust[email protected] or visit our new web page at www.dqsus.com.