TL 9000 R6 Updates

Sara Gulo | September 2, 2016

QuEST Forum has released the TL 9000:2016 (R6) standard. This standard has been updated based on the new ISO 9001:2015. The measurement handbook R5.0 is not changing right now, and the new standard will be effective from September 15, 2016. The organizations those are currently certified to the TL 9000, R5.5 will have time until September 15, 2018 to upgrade to the new standard. This is the same timeline for transition to the ISO 9001:2015.
The Integrated Global Quality (IGQ) work group of the QuEST Forum was responsible for this standard upgrade. To be consistent with the new ISO 9001:2015, TL 9000 R6.0 has also introduced conceptual changes like risk-based thinking, more emphasis on process approach, no mandatory procedures, no requirement for quality manual and management representatives.  IGQ members also took this opportunity to simplify adders and notes based on the feedback received from the members.
TL 9000, R5.5 has 92 adders and 45 notes; the R 6.0 has 84 adders and 41 notes. Also, eight adders have been deleted from R5.5. Deleted adders are:
  • 5.2. C.1 – Customer relationship development
  • 6.4.C.2 – Work area
  • 7.1.V.1 – Service delivery plan
  • 7.2.2.C1 – Closure tracking
  • 7.3.2.S.1 – Identification of software requirement
  • 7.5.1.C.1 – Customer service resources
  • 7.5.1.S.1 – Replication
  • 8.5.1.C.1 – Continual improvement program
R6.0, however, introduces new adders:
  • 9.1.3.C.3 – Sustainability assessment: The organization should assess the status of its sustainability efforts as appropriate to its organization, products, and services.  QuEST Forum has also provided a sample sustainability assessment model in the TL9000 website (
  • 9.2.2.C.1 – Internal Audit Program Planning: Internal audit program shall include all applicable Requirements and Measurement Handbook requirements. This has been an implicit requirement till now, but this adder made it explicit.
R6.0 also simplified adders by combining the R5.5 adders of similar intents. Below table provides the list of combined adders:
R5.5 adders
R6.0 adders
7.3.1.HS.2 – Design and development process quality measurement planning and implementation
7.2.3.HS.2 – Design and development process quality measurements data reporting
8.3.2.HS.3 – Design and development process quality measurement planning and implementation
7.3.2.H.1 – Content of requirements
7.3.2.C.2 – Design and development requirements
8.3.3.C.2 – Design and development requirements
7.5.1.S.1 – Patching procedure
7.5.1.S.2 – Patch documentation
8.5.5.S.1 – Software patching information
8.4.HS.1 – Field performance data
8.4.V.1 – Service performance data
9.1.3.C.2 – Performance data
Overall, practitioners should find reduced requirements and simplified language in TL9000:2016 (R6.0).  QuEST Forum has also released the upgrade training module for the auditors. DQS will be ready to start offering upgrade audits from October 2016.