ISO 50001:2018 DIS is Approved

Sara Gulo | December 18, 2017

The past few years have brought about many revisions in the industry, and now ISO 50001 is no exception. The energy management standard was released in 2011 to help organizations establish systems and processes that will improve their energy performance, including efficiency and consumption.

To be sure that the standard continues to meet the needs of the energy sector, the review of ISO 50001 has started.  According to Deann Desai, Professor at the Georgia Institute of Technology and Convenor of the working group tasked with revising the standard, the main revision made was the incorporation of the high-level structure to provide for improved compatibility with other management system standards. This will make it easier for customers who integrate their energy management system with other management system standards.

In addition, there are more improvements made to help ensure that key concepts connected to energy performance are clear for small and mid-sized businesses. This is to help show the benefits of management system standards are not just for multinational businesses.

We are pleased to say that in November, the Draft International Standard ISO/DIS 50001 was approved. The new version of the standard is expected to be published in 2018. DQS will be ready to bring information as we receive it about the revisions and deadlines.