Ways to Market Your Company’s Certification

efield | April 13, 2018

Written by: Elizabeth Field

So your company has obtained or upgraded its certification, and now you are relieved because all of your company’s hard work has paid off. You may also be wondering “how can I let everyone know about my company’s certification.”

DQS Inc. wants to help you get the most out of being certified, but first, you should celebrate with the employees who helped make this certification possible. Whether you host a break room brunch with premium coffee and donuts or take some time to celebrate with your employees during a meeting.  Don’t forget to take a photo for social media to boast a bit about your accomplishment.



Ways to market the certification you achieved:

Writing a Press Release

In recent years press releases have felt outdated, but this fact could not be farther from the truth. Third party announcements come off more reliable than a blog or social media post on your website. Write your press release as if you were writing an article for a newspaper; many journalists read press releases and only make a few changes before sending them to print. Just a reminder that a press release starts off with the primary information and then expands in later paragraphs.

Writing a Blog Post

If you have decided to write a blog post, you should still write a blog post to publicize on your website. Write for the audience and make it captivating. Grab the reader’s attention so they will keep reading about your accomplishment and hopefully help the reader decide they want to work with your company. Don’t forget to proofread and make the article aesthetically pleasing with different headers and photos to engage the reader.

Send Out an Email Campaign

Once you’ve received your certification, you should send an email to all of your customers and vendors. Not only to let them know about your accomplishment but also linking to your website driving more traffic to your website.

Post on Social Media

There are several different times you can post on social media about your company’s certification. When you obtain the certification you can write a post linking it with your certification body growing the engagement; you can post about the brunch/potluck/etc. your employees enjoyed, you can post the news article when it is published linking with your newspaper again for more engagement, and you can post when you write your blog post, spreading the word and gaining more readers.

Put Your Registered Firm Mark Everywhere

Putting the Registered Firm Mark on giveaways, sell sheets, etc. is a useful marketing tool. The DQS certification gives your company more credibility.  By placing the Registered Firm Mark on a tradeshow booth, a sell sheet, giveaways, etc. you will publicize your certification and encourage potential clients to speak with a company representative. Make sure your company’s use follows the DQS requirements. Another option, found on the DQS Website, is ordering a plaque or flag with the certification on it to keep in the office.