Notice of Counterfeit Certificates

Sara Gulo | April 27, 2020

DQS Inc. has become aware of three counterfeit certificates in the marketplace.  We have attempted to investigate the origin of the certificates, but our investigation has been unsuccessful with all attempts exhausted.  The details of the invalid and counterfeit certificates are as follows:

  1. ISO 9001:2015 certificate number 10001221 QM 15 issued to Soft Tech Face Mask and also bearing the logo of Protekcia for the scope “Development and manufacture of Protekcia spunlaced fabric.” Note ISO 9001 certificate number 10001221 QM15 is a valid certificate as issued to Sontara Old Hickory, Inc.
  2. ISO 13485:2019 certificate number 438852 QM 08 issued to THONGSAI THASRI for the scope “Suppliers and distributor of Pharmaceutical Products (Medical and surgical disposable Face Mask) providing aftersale services worldwide and based in Thailand.” Note that ISO 9001:2015 certificate 438852 QM15 is a valid certificate issued to Lighthouse Worldwide Solutions Ltd.
  3. ISO 9001:2015 certificate number 10071790 QM15 issued to 3M Company for the scope “The design, development and order entry of : of surgical masks and respiratory equipment; A family of Surgical Safety Solutions;  A family of masks and respirators.  Note that 3M Company supported our investigation and we verified that the certificate did not originate from their organization.

DQS Inc. deems these certificates invalid and has no knowledge of the associated management systems. You can check the validity of DQS certificates on our website at