DQS webinar: “Remote audits – areas of application, opportunities and challenges”

Sara Gulo | May 21, 2020

Questions about remote audits?

Get some answers in the DQS webinar: “Remote audits – areas of application, opportunities and challenges”

Triggered by the current pandemic, an audit method is that gaining massive importance that has been permitted for a long time but has received little attention – so-called “remote audits” (remote assessments), i.e. auditing without the personal presence of the auditors on site.

Based on the numerous remote audits that have been carried out in the meantime, we would be happy to share our knowledge and experience with you and help you to recognize this audit method as realistic and effective for your company.

Moderating this webinar is Frank Graichen, DQS auditor and also the current Director of Auditor Management & Competence at DQS GmbH. He will explain how remote audits work and how they differ from “classic audits” in his webinar.

Here’s the contents of our free webinar:

  • Results of our customer and auditor survey on the readiness for use and quality of remote audits.
  • What distinguishes a remote audit from “classic” audit methods.
  • Which software tools are used and how these have proven themselves.
  • Which preparations are necessary to implement this audit method effectively and efficiently.
  • For which subject areas and process groups remote audits can be usefully applied, but also for which areas this is not the case.
  • Which limitations, errors and obstacles are revealed in the practical application? What experiences have been made and what recommendations are available?

To participate in this webinar, you need an internet connection and a telephone. For acoustic reasons all participants are “muted” during the webinar, so we cannot hear you. However, during the webinar you will have the opportunity to enter questions in writing in a chat field.

The webinar presentation lasts about 45 minutes. Afterwards there is enough time to answer your questions. Please allow a little time for this.

After the webinar, you will receive the presentation in PDF format.

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