Celebrate IQNet Day With Us

Sara Gulo | November 11, 2021

Celebrated every November 11, IQNET Day highlights the importance of the network to the conformity assessment community.  Its worldwide representation through IQNET Association Partners has significantly strengthen the importance of certifiable management systems or products – benefiting organizations, regardless of size and location – in improving their business processes as well as advancing on their competitiveness in the global marketplace.  By combining local expertise with global experiences and recognition, IQNET Association is one of the quite few organizations tapped to shape proactive policies and practices in terms of accreditation, standardization, scheme development, and quality infrastructure. 

The purpose of the IQNET Association Day is to

•  Celebrate the date of its founding, most of all, the people and organizations behind it.

•  Count the network’s milestones in terms of memberships, policies, harmonization, product development.

•  Encourage IQNET Partners to launch a unified message and make it understandable within their sphere of influence.

2021 Theme: We are IQNET

The first IQNET Day celebrations highlight no one else but the IQNET Partners – the main drivers of the network’s successes. As IQNET recently market its 30 years since founding, DQS is proud to continue to be part of the building this global network – especially as the network leaps to more ambitious endeavors in the coming years.