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Celebrate IQNet Day With Us

Sara Gulo | November 11, 2021
Celebrated every November 11, IQNET Day highlights the importance of the network to the conformity assessment community.  Its worldwide representation through IQNET Association Partners has significantly strengthen the importance of certifiable management systems or products – benefiting org... VIEW >

ISO 14001 User Survey from ISO/TC 207/SC 1

Sara Gulo | October 7, 2021
ISO/TC 207/SC 1 has generated a user survey for ISO 14001 Environmental Management Systems. They are eager to get a wide range of views on the standard and asked all users of the standard to complete the 20 minute survey. This will help them to understand what changes might be required in the future... VIEW >

TISAX White Paper Available

Sara Gulo | September 14, 2021
Interest in TISAX has been growing strong with automotive suppliers around the world. When needing to meet the requirements in the automotive industry in terms of information security, some important decisions need to be made before a TISAX assessment. See our White Paper for more information as we... VIEW >

No Revision for ISO 9001:2015

Sara Gulo | May 13, 2021
The  ISO/TC 176/SC 2 “Strategic Planning and Operations Task Group” (SPOTG) conducted the regular systematic review of ISO 9001:2015 and made a recommendation to confirm ISO 9001:2015 without changes. The ballot closed 5/1/21 and approved those recommendations. The results were publishe... VIEW >

The Benefit of Manufacturing Extension Partnership Centers

Sara Gulo | February 2, 2021
In the 2020 Quarter 3 issue of our Impact newsletter, we published this article on Manufacturing Extension Partnership Centers, and the benefits our customers could have by working with them. With the push for Made in America products, we thought it was a great time to share the article again and ur... VIEW >

ISO 9001 and ISO 45001 Surveys Available Now

Sara Gulo | October 6, 2020
ISO has recently launched two public surveys in order to get the opinion of as many stakeholders as possible. The surveys for ISO 9001 and ISO 45001 will form part of the foundation of upcoming revisions and updates.   The ISO 9001 survey is available in 13 languages and takes 10-15 minutes on aver... VIEW >

DQS webinar: “Remote audits – areas of application, opportunities and challenges”

Sara Gulo | May 21, 2020
Questions about remote audits? Get some answers in the DQS webinar: “Remote audits – areas of application, opportunities and challenges” Triggered by the current pandemic, an audit method is that gaining massive importance that has been permitted for a long time but has received little attenti... VIEW >

Notice of Counterfeit Certificates

Sara Gulo | April 27, 2020
DQS Inc. has become aware of three counterfeit certificates in the marketplace.  We have attempted to investigate the origin of the certificates, but our investigation has been unsuccessful with all attempts exhausted.  The details of the invalid and counterfeit certificates are as follows: ISO 90... VIEW >

DQS Inc.’s Response to the COVID-19 Virus – Protecting Personnel and Protecting Your Certificate

Sara Gulo | March 5, 2020
As a response to the continual development of the COVID-19 virus, DQS Inc. has put together the below document with updates on what we are doing to prepare. Please contact us with any questions. COVID-19 Update Customer COVID-19 Update 3/18/20 2nd Customer COVID-19 Update 4/6/2020 3rd Customer COVID... VIEW >

BRCGS Packaging Materials – Issue 6

Sara Gulo | January 31, 2020
The new BRCGS Packaging Materials – Issue 6 will be mandatory from February 2020. Issue 6 incorporates stakeholders’ requirements, emerging issues relevant to the packaging manufacturing industry and the industries the manufacturers supply. The information has been developed and reviewed by a wo... VIEW >
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