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Customer Recognition

ISO standards matter. The time and effort it takes to get certified and stay that way is tremendous. By obtaining ISO certification, companies show that quality, the environment and employee and public safety, amongst other things, are important to them.

The following companies have been certified by DQS Inc. and have seen the effects of getting certified to an ISO standard firsthand.

Mitsubishi Polyester Film, Inc.– Mitsubishi Polyester Film, Inc. was honored with a plaque celebrating 20 years of partnership and ISO 9001 certification from DQS Inc.

General Microcircuits– DQS Inc. Vice President of Market Access and Stakeholder Relations Lisa McCall presented General Microcircuits with a plaque in honor of 20 years of partnership and ISO 9001 certification.

L&J Technologies– DQS Inc. presented L&J Technologies with a plaque in honor of 20 years of partnership and ISO 9001 certification through DQS Inc.

ANSYS, Inc.– On March 17, 2016, DQS Inc. gave ANSYS, Inc. a plaque to commemorate 20 years of partnership and ISO 9001 certification.

Smalley Steel Ring Company– On April 18, 2016, DQS Inc. presented Smalley Steel Ring Company with a plaque for 20 years of partnership and ISO certification.

DuPont– DQS Inc. was proud to present DuPont, one of the most successful science and engineering companies in the world , with a plaque for 20 years of partnership and ISO certification in July 2015.

Schenk Process– Schenk Process, a manufacturing leader, was presented with a plaque on July 29, 2015 to commemorate 20 years of partnership and ISO certification with DQS Inc. Schenk 
Process has been supplying world class train scales, weighfeeders, pulverized coal feeding systems and more to a variety of industries.

Panduit– On July 14, 2015, DQS Inc. presented Panduit with a plaque commemorating 20 years of ISO 9001 certification and partnership.

Marvel Group– On Thursday, February 26, 2015, Marvel Group, Inc., a Chicago-based metal fabricator of nearly 70 years, was presented a plaque commemorating 20 years of ISO 9001 certification from DQS Inc.

Capital Program Management – In November of 2014, Capital Program Management (CPM) was recognized for being certified to ISO 9001 for more than 20 years. This kind of dedication to quality takes a lot of time and effort. Mike Caruso, VP Global Accreditation at DQS Inc., and Jeff Spizuco, Regional Account Manager, awarded CPM with a plaque commemorating this achievement.

Steiner Electric – Steiner Electric is within the top 30 largest electrical distributors in the country and has been ISO 9000 certified with DQS Inc. for more than 20 years.

Plitek – Plitek is the leading manufacturer of precision die cut components and converted materials and has been ISO 9000 certified with DQS Inc. for more than 20 years.