Case Studies

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Aerospace, Chemical Processing, Fuel Cells, Land-based gas turbine, Solar Power and Ultra Supercritical Boilers

Hayes International, Inc. – Morrow
Hayes International, Inc. has increased energy efficiency by means of selecting members of their organization to participate in an “energy team”, providing support from top management, identifying energy projects, and tracking performance.

Energy Assessment

  • Cost Savings
  • Natural Gas Savings:  28% / $120K annually
  • Compressed Air Savings:  $138K annually
  • Lighting Savings:  $420K annually
  • System Typehaynes-international-inc-logo
  • Industry:  Aerospace, Land-based gas turbine, Chemical Processing, Fuel Cells, Solar Power, Ultra Supercritical Boilers

Broadband & Wireless Communication

Verizon – Save Energy Now
Verizon utilized data previously collected by the Department of Energy to conduct its own self-assessment as a means of identifying potential opportunities for energy reduction, as well as areas where their best practices were already being implemented. The company was able to address areas such as their cooling plant, their air management system, and their electrical system.

Energy Assessment

  • Cost Savings:  $181K
  • Energy Saved:  1,540,700 kWh
  • System Type
  • IndustryBroadband and Wireless Communication

Healthcare, Nutrition and High Tech Materials

Bayer – Leimkuhler
Bayer launched the Bayer Climate Program in 2007 and implemented this program throughout more than 100 Bayer plants. This program looks to reduce CO2 emissions in Bayer’s productions facilities, while using plants as an efficient energy source. 46 possible improvement measures were identified.

Energy Assessment

  • Cost Savings:  15% savings potentialBayer
  • Energy Saved
  • System Type
  • Industry:  Healthcare, Nutrition (Crop Science) & High Tech Materials (Material Science)

Manufacturing (Chemicals)

Cook Composites and Polymers Company – U.S. Dept of Energy
The Cook Composites and Polymers Company in Houston, TX was one of the first to implement the Superior Energy Performance program (SEP). By developing an energy performance indicator, the SEP was able to identify a potential 30% reduction in natural gas use.

Energy Assessment

  • Cost Savings:  $250K
  • Energy Saved:  31.7 MMBtu’sCool Composites and Polymers Company
  • System Type
  • Industry:  Manufacturing (Chemicals)

Manufacturing (Gasoline Engines)

Briggs & Stratton – Feustel
Briggs & Stratton has implemented energy saving strategies, such as introducing energy teams, energy goals, and holding monthly meetings to discuss efficiency projects. Since 2007, their facilities have reduced their energy intensity by 14% and have set a goal for themselves of 25% reduction by 2017.

Energy Assessment

  • Cost Savings:  $3 millionBriggs and Stratton
  • Cumulative Energy Saved:  50 Million Kilowatt Hours
  • System Type
  • Industry:  Manufacturing (Gasoline Engines, Portable Generators, Pressure Washers and Lawn & Garden products)