Automated Dynamics Received AS9100C Recertification

mkozhemyakov | December 5, 2013

Automated Dynamics

Schenectady, NY, December 2, 2013 – Automated Dynamics announces it has been re-certified to the AS9100C and ISO 9001 quality management system standards. The certification from UL DQS Inc. is the result of Automated Dynamics passing stringent audit requirements and evaluations of its manufacturing and design processes. Automated Dynamics continues to maintain a high standard of quality in the aviation, space and defense industries.

“Automated Dynamics’ quality management system continues to demonstrate commitment to the quality management system, continual improvement of its processes and delivery of products that meets or exceeds its customer’s requirements,” said Lisa McCall, Vice President of Operations, UL DQS.

“Automated Dynamics’ quality management system continues to support the growth of the company and expansion into the aerospace and defense marketplaces as well as other industries”, states Erich Duerr, Director of Sales and Marketing at Automated Dynamics.

“Our AS9100C re-certification is an important step to continue to expand and improve Automated Dynamics,” said Melissa Sargent, Director of Quality at Automated Dynamics. “We are committed to the continuous improvement of engineered composite structures, automation, and the quality management system to consistently meet our customers’ needs. We always are looking for ways to be more reliable and consistent for our customers. This re-certification brings us creditability as we continue to serve our clients.”

About Automated Dynamics
Automated Dynamics manufactures advanced composite structures and high performance composite processing equipment. Through the development of innovative processes-automated fiber placement and automated tape laying-the company delivers strong, light-weight structures that solve complex problems for clients in the aerospace, automotive, defense, oil field, and other commercial/industrial markets.

About UL DQS Inc.
With 45,000 certified locations in more than 100 countries UL DQS belongs to the top group of international management certification bodies. The DQS-UL Group is involved with lasting success of companies by sustained assessments of management systems and business processes. The services focus on improved business processes related to quality, environmental, energy, occupational safety, risk, information security, and business excellence in all major industry sectors. As a certification partner, UL DQS strives to provide quality service and value to clients in order for them to realize the maximum benefits from a certificate bearing the UL and DQS names.

Source: Automated Dynamics Received AS9100C