Schneider Electric Achieves ISO 50001-Certification at Smyrna, Tennessee Facility

luminaryws | February 3, 2013

SMYRNA, TN – Oct. 25, 2012 – Schneider Electric, a global specialist in energy management, today announced its Smyrna, Tennessee plant has been awarded the ISO 50001 rating – the International Organization for Standardization’s (ISO) highest standard for the development, implementation, maintenance and improvement of energy management systems in facilities. In 2011, Schneider Electric became the first company in the world to achieve this rating with the energy management designs and installations implemented in its global headquarters, The Hive, near Paris, France.

“It is important that we walk the talk in energy management leadership and use our own plants as testing grounds for many of the successful strategies we implement for customers,” said Jeff Drees, U.S. Country President, Schneider Electric. “Investing in the steps it takes to achieve this certification and maintain it allows us to continue developing the most innovative and effective energy management technologies in the industry.”

The pursuit of the Smyrna plant’s ISO 50001 certification serves as a pillar to Schneider Electric’s commitments to two major, national energy efficiency programs: Superior Energy Performance (SEP) certification, and the Obama Administration’s Better Buildings, Better Plants challenge. The SEP program, which requires ISO 50001 certification, focuses on providing a roadmap for industrial facilities to continually improve energy efficiency, while still maintaining competitiveness. The program’s rigorous verification process, which is conducted by an outside, third party, focuses on active, intelligent strategies (as opposed to more static methods to save energy which depreciate in effectiveness over time), positioning facilities which are SEP-certified at the front line of modeling our future building infrastructure.

The Smyrna plant’s achievement of an ISO 50001 rating, accredited by UL DQS Inc., also marks a second major milestone in Schneider Electric’s partnership with the U.S. Department of Energy. Under the agency’s Better Buildings, Better Plants challenge, the company has pledged to reduce the energy use of 9 million square feet of its own building space, covering 40 different plants, by 25 percent. The highlight of the program is each participant’s showcase project, which will serve to lead the nation in the future sustainable design of our commercial buildings. As Schneider Electric’s showcase project, the Smryna plant, a manufacturing facility for Schneider Electric’s Square DTM brand medium voltage electrical distribution products, deployed a six acre, 1MW dual voltage solar farm in 2011 – the first of its kind in the U.S. The solar farm not only generates approximately 1.3 million kWh of electricity annually, 25 percent of the facility’s total use, but also operates as a research and testing ground for renewable energy solutions – in turn enabling the advancement of the industry globally.

“Our nation’s buildings are huge consumers of our energy supply – but they don’t have to be,” concluded Drees. “By implementing many of the strategies and technologies that are available today, we can slash the amount of power consumed and carbon emitted – securing our energy future for years to come.”

Other Schneider Electric plants around the world are also preparing to follow in the steps of the Smynra plant and the company’s headquarters. The commercial and R&D buildings in the Grenoble area, for instance, have already obtained specific regional certifications, and are now preparing to meet the new ISO 50001 standard.

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