DQS Inc. offers a considerable variety of services to help boost our customers’ businesses. We are a dependable partner for management systems certifications and offer the utmost level of customer service every step of the way.

Whether you are looking for Quality Management or Food Safety Certifications, our team of qualified auditors will help you achieve the certification you need as well as make improvements to your company’s processes. We also offer Preliminary and Gap Assessments to evaluate your readiness to comply with the requirements of the standard. Click on the below links to find out the certifications we offer in each category.

Quality Management


Food Safety

Information Technology

We offer more than just certification services though. We have both Non-Certification Process and Supplier Audits to help you achieve your specific business goals. Please contact us to discuss your distinct needs so we can assess how we can help to serve your company.

As a global company, we also offer many other services worldwide and hold other certifications through DQS Holding.