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RC 14001 & RCMS

Responsible Care® (RC)

RC is a global, chemical industry performance initiative that is implemented in the United States and mandatory for members and partners of the American Chemistry Council (ACC).

In the US, according to the ACC, Responsible Care® has resulted in reduced emissions by 75 percent and an employee safety record that is four and a half times better than the average of the US manufacturing sector.  RC helps America’s leading chemical companies and their commercial partners go beyond government requirements and openly communicate their results to the public.  The RC 14001 management system and Responsible Care Management System® (RCMS) were developed by the ACC to integrate the RC® Guiding Principles, Codes of Management Practice and to transform them into a continual improvement-based Plan-Do-Check-Act management system approach.

Organizations must demonstrate their commitment to gaining structure, improving credibility and involving employees in their Environmental Health, Safety and Security efforts.  These activities should help to achieve the goal of improved performance.  This is only achieved when organizations focus on continual improvement, demonstrate employee performance and show planned, focused efforts towards achieving the tenet of the RC Guiding Principles.  Substantial progress has also been made on the issue of third party verification of RC, with several associations introducing this element of additional governance and taking steps to harmonize the process with other verification audits.

As a certification body accredited by ANAB for RC 14001® and approved by ANAB for RCMS®, DQS Inc. understands the importance that the RC program plays for ACC, its members, partners and the chemical industry in general, through value add assessments.  Each RC management system implementation is different, depending on the: scope; organizational structure; the HQ; site interfaces; and approaches. This is why DQS Inc. is not treating each RC certification effort the same.  DQS Inc. was the first certification body globally to certify a client outside the US in Asia.

DQS Inc. now offers certification to RC 14001® and conformity assessments to RCMS® as part of its outstanding client service package of management system certifications worldwide. Continuing success is only achieved by those who recognize the impact of these necessary performance improvements and changes for their business, and who are capable of managing change.

Promoting Business

The success of our clients is based on effective and efficient management systems, characterized by clear policies and objectives, appropriate resources, structured processes, measurable results and continuous improvement.  This is where DQS Inc., as an independent and competent partner, assists our clients by providing value added objective assessments of their RC management systems.  In this process, improvement potential is revealed.  Exploiting this potential increases performance capability and enhances client satisfaction.

Our RC auditors have undergone ACC approved training courses and on-the job evaluations to ensure RC requirements are: clearly understood; applied in the spirit of ACC and its efforts to promote EHSS performance improvements; and stakeholder dialogue.  With auditors and assessors in North America and Asia worldwide, DQS Inc. offers their clients a broad spectrum of experience and local support.  Furthermore, DQS Inc. auditors will provide value-added assessments as all DQS Inc. auditors come with a strong industry background, having worked in their particular industry in leading management positions and/or as management system implementers themselves.  In addition to business sector know-how and social competence, clients value our auditors’ analytical capabilities and field-proven understanding of processes, standards and specifications.

Responsible Care Options

RC 14001®  combines all the elements of the ISO 14001 management system with health, safety, security, and Responsible Care principles for a comprehensive sustainability management system. Registrations satisfy American Chemistry Council requirements, and are valid for three years maximum and contingent upon annual surveillances.    A company who successfully implements RC 14001® is entitled to an ANAB accredited certificate in both RC 14001® and ISO 14001.

RCMS® Option 1

Option 1  is conducted against the requirements of the RCMS® technical standard.   Registrations satisfy American Chemistry Council requirements, and are valid for three years maximum and contingent upon annual surveillances.   A company who successfully implements RCMS® Option 1 is entitled to a Certificate bearing the ANAB Approved Audit Service Provider logo.

RCMS® Option 2

Option 2  is conducted against the requirements of the RCMS® technical standard.   A company who successfully implements RCMS® Option 2 is entitled to a Statement of Conformity bearing the ANAB Approved Audit Service Provider logo.  These statements of conformity bear only an issue date and may be repeated as often as the company determines or every three years to satisfy American Chemistry Council  requirements.

Self-Assessment Tool for Sustainability Reporting

Are you ready to check your sustainability reporting?  DQS CFS created a self-assessment tool to help to make sure your sustainability reporting practices are robust enough for a third party assessment and aligned with international best practice. To learn more about this tool available through all offices of the DQS Group and to get started, click on the below button.