ISO/TS 16949: New Rules – Audit Planning

On October 1st 2013, the International Automotive Task Force (IATF) published new Certification Rules (4th Edition) for planning and conducting of audits according to ISO/TS 16949. These rules come into effect on April 1st, 2014.

Now that the effective date is upon us, we have summarized one significant change for audit planning, as well as the impact this will have on your organization.

Details – Audit Planning
(according to Rules, 4th edition,  chapter 5.7.1 and 5.7.2)

UL DQS Inc. requires the organization to provide the following information as a basis for audit planning:

The UL DQS Inc. audit team will analyze the required information (see the bullet points above) to determine critical areasG-Class_assembly,_2009_(34) to be prioritized based upon risk to the customer, performance trends, and critical processes.

A summary of the client’s performance for the items provided by the client (see the bullet points above), the result of their analysis, and identified priorities will be recorded and retained as part of the audit records as minimum content. One member of the audit team will develop a process-oriented audit plan for each audit (initial, surveillance, recertification, special, and transfer audits).

An audit plan prepared according to the required information shall:

In creating the process-oriented audit plan, the audit trail shall be scheduled in such a way as to avoid unnecessary duplication of visits to the same process.

If the organization does not provide the required information, the de-certification process shall be initiated.

Please stay tuned for our upcoming webinars in May where we will expand on Audit Planning aspects of TS Rules 4th Edition changes.

Thank you,

UL DQS Inc. Team