DQS Now Accredited to Offer RC 14001:2015

RC14001® Technical Specification (2015 edition) was published and released in late 2015 and is now available for companies to be registered to this updated Standard! DQS Inc. is proud to say we have now attained accreditation to offer RC 14001:2015 accredited certificates, effective April 4, 2016. We are one of the first Certification Bodies to be accredited by ANAB for this service.

The new RC 14001:2015 Standard combines elements of the American Chemistry Council’s (ACC) Responsible Care® initiative with those of ISO Standard 14001:2015 “Environmental management systems – Requirements with guidance for use”.  The new High-Level-Structure of RC14001:2015 is aligned with other ISO management system Standards for clause numbering and section content and so is highly suitable for integrating management system components.

The ACC is allowing a three-year period for transitioning to the new Standard, from the September 15, 2015 official release date, and so this timing is also aligned with ISO14001:2015 transition timing requirements.  DQS Inc. will be providing additional guidelines that include specific information for optimal timing of your transition to the revised Standard.  This is important because all organizations are required to be transitioned to the new Standard by September 15, 2018 to retain their certification to RC14001.

There are many benefits of certification to RC14001 and the new 2015 revision.  A key benefit is that it provides a company, through an application and audit process, a certification that its management system conforms to both the ISO 14001 and RC14001 requirements.

As in past versions of RC14001, the Technical Specification has two components. The first is the actual text of ISO 14001:2015, which specifies requirements for an environmental management system in support of a sustainable environmental commitment.  The second component includes requirements stated within corresponding text-boxed areas.  These are the additional Responsible Care elements required under an RC14001 scope.

RC14001 is one option that ACC members and Responsible Care Partners may select to meet their Responsible Care management systems certification requirements. RC14001 is also available to non-ACC organizations that are interested in certifying a comprehensive management system covering the environment, health, safety, security, product stewardship and outreach activities. RC14001 audits are conducted by certification bodies, such as DQS Inc., who are accredited by the ANSI-ASQ National Accreditation Board.