DQS Inc. Company Name Change FAQ

DQS Inc. Company Name Change FAQ

August 3, 2015


Q: What is the impact of the name change with respect to using the UL Registered Firm Mark?

A: There is no change to the use of the UL Registered Firm Mark. Our clients can continue to use the mark.


Q: Has anything else changed with the company other than the new name and the new logo?

A: No. Only the name and the  logo have changed to unify our brand. Our major shareholders remain the same: UL, DGQ and DIN.

In addition, there are no changes to our office addresses, locations, staff,  or customer and vendor contracts.


Q: Will the old email addresses still work?

A: Yes. Any emails that are sent to our email addresses that end in @us.dqs-ul.com will be recieved. Our new email address ending with @dqsus.com should be used going forward.


Q: What happens if we go to the old website?

A: The old url (www.ul-dqsusa.com) will redirect you to the new website (www.dqsus.com).


Q: Are we able to recieve a new W9 from DQS Inc.?

A: Yes. Please click this link to access the new W9:



Alternatively, you can contact your Customer Service Professional (CSP) for a copy of the new W9.

If you have any other questions, please contact us at  [email protected] or visit our new web page at www.dqsus.com.

UL DQS Inc. Changes Name to DQS Inc.

UL DQS is excited and pleased to share the results of the branding market study we initiated in 2014.

We are changing our company name to DQS Inc. effective August 3, 2015. This project was put in place in response to feedback from our valued clients, shareholders, and other industry stakeholders. The aim of the branding project was to simplify our company names and our global logo. This project also yielded another significant benefit; enabling us to align our certificates and reports with the expectations of the industry oversight bodies (IATF, ANAB, ANSI, etc.).

Our new brand logo will:

Our core values will continue to lead our new brand: competency, integrity, superior services. Further, our re-branding initiative has no effect on our shareholder structure; we will continue to have the commitment of our present shareholders: UL, DIN, and DGQ.

Please do not hesitate to email us at [email protected] should you have questions or need more information. You can also post your questions and read about our new logo at http://www.dqsus.com.

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